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More To Come From Gary D. Abra

Keep an eye out in 2016 as I prepare to bring you more interesting information, video blogs, book signings, special appearances, more books and lots of entertainment.


Coming Soon...

In his first crack at writing, Gary brings us an interesting take on the intricacies associated with the dating world and all that it entails.  He dives deep into the common pitfalls that many of us fall or have fallen victim to, as well as offering us a unique perspective on how to overcome this short comings and "win" in the long run for any age group.  It's information at its finest with a dash of entertainment, a touch of sarcasm, a splash of class and a heavy dose of in your face realism.


In his own words: "Since the beginning of time the game was meant to be SOLD! Sex, Opinions, Life and Dating is the essence of what I have written and the embodiment of my knowledge. So if dating has you confused and frustrated, pick up Knowing the Game and even out the playing field!"

Knowing the Game Vol. 1 generated a lot of buzz and controversy with Gary’s deep, analytical opinions of the dating world. He took a hot topic that has been a part of extensive research, data, and insight from leading experts in the field and brought it to a whole new level. In Gary’s second installment, he delves deeper into the culture and dynamics of the dating world. He offers a captivating take on what it is like to date in modern society, delivering his message spiced with wit, humor, and sarcasm that leaves you wanting more.


Through his writings, Gary reminds us that not only can a frustrating situation be amusing, but also a learning process at the same time. Gary’s straight-forward message also includes personal experiences, myths, tips, facts and related intricacies that will make even the most experienced daters reevaluate their current situation.

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